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NEO House

NEO House [definition]: a group of people who live in the same local area and
participate in the online worship experience together, share a meal, build community
and encourage each other to grow in their faith.

More about Neo house

More about Neo house

“They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.”
Acts 2:46-47 NLT

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Becoming a NEO House Host is simple:

H. Have a heart for people
O. Open your home (a simple background check is required)
S. Serve a snack
T. Tell a friend


NEO House [definition]: a group of people who live in the same local area and participate in the online worship experience together, share a meal, build community and encourage each other to grow in their faith.


It’s up to you! We have several opportunities for your NEO House to join the premier on Sunday, or you can catch the re-play at any time throughout the week. You decided what day and time works best for you to gather, and then invite friends to join!


Your house! We encourage you to have a large enough television and gathering space to accommodate the number of friends you are inviting, as well as high-speed internet. The size of your gathering is up to you, however we do encourage all NEO House gatherings to remain under 20 people, including children.


NEO’s home base is in Cleveland, Tennessee, however our online community expands beyond the city limits. We are living in uncertain times when gathering in large groups is becoming harder and harder, and the use of masks and social distancing is becoming our new normal. The church has been forced out of their buildings, but it has not been shut down! In the book of Acts, we read that the early church gathered together in homes and people were added to the church daily. We like to imagine that they ate together, worshipped, laughed and grew deeper in their faith through discussion and prayer. Instead of trying to bring people to a church building, why not bring the church into our homes and our neighborhoods? We all have friends and family that would never step foot in a church building, but they will come to your home. Together we can be the church!


We’ve made it simple! Resources, discussion questions, a NEO kids host (for approved homes) and NEO Kids materials will be provided for you on a weekly basis. All you need to do is have a heart for people, open your home, serve a snack and tell a friend!

Resources For NEO House Hosts

Tips for hosting an excellent
NEO House:

1. Welcome every guest, especially first time guests
2. Make sure your house is clean, especially the bathrooms
3. Snacks and drinks always make people feel welcome. Invite attendees to bring something to share.
4. Ensure everyone can see, a large TV is better
5. Ensure the sound is loud enough and clear (a sound bar helps a lot)

We’d love to hear about what
God is doing through you!

Let us know how it went by taking
a moment to fill out this form each time you meet!

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Answers To Questions You May Have

We would recommend keeping these on hand to text, email, or message these links to guests at your house.

How can I connect guests who come to my house for the first time?

Have them fill out this form so they can get connected!

What do I do if someone in my group wants to say “yes” to Jesus?

We encourage you to celebrate with them, ask to hear their story, and pray with them. They can let us know by filling out this form so our team can follow up with them.

What do I do when someone wants to get baptized?

Have them fill out this form. Our team will work with you to set a date and time for their Baptism. All baptisms will be celebrated and recognized at our First Sunday Corporate Gathering.

What happens when we give to NEO House?

You make it possible to share the message of Jesus with others through our NEO House churches and our local community engagement.

How can someone attending my house learn more about serving on a CREW for our First Sunday Corporate Gathering?

Have them fill out this form. Our team will follow up. How can our guests share their story with NEO? They can share their story here.

What if I know someone who wants to start their own NEO House?

Opening your house to friends and neighbors is an amazing way to BE the church! And the best part is, you can host a NH from anywhere! Provide us with the information below and our NEO House Pastor will be in touch! 

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