Run the race well.

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3 Day Fasting Challenge: Food + Water Only [No soda, coffee/tea or other beverages]

Philippians 4:6 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

An Answer to Prayer

Several years ago I wanted to further my education. After some research, I decided to try my hand at working on a Masters Degree through a correspondence school.  I completed the application process and paid several hundred dollars in tuition.  This money was coming straight out of my pocket, no scholarships or grants.  

After receiving a package of information about the course work, it looked daunting and overwhelming.  At the time, I was working 9 hour days at my job which was about 50 minutes each way from my home.  This meant that I was gone almost 11 hours every day.  I had two teenage daughters at home and was overly involved in my local church.  Time was short.  My prayer to the Lord after a short time was, I’m in over my head and if I move forward with school, I would be stretched way too thin.  How was I going to get out of this situation and receive back the funds that I had spent for tuition?  In short, I had gotten into a situation of my own making, and now I needed the Lord to help.

One night in a dream I found myself driving a tractor from my childhood down a busy highway.  In my dream, I pulled over and proceeded to change the oil.  Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but after asking the Lord, I knew what the dream meant.  In my day job, I was a parts guy working in a shop full of mechanics. I dealt with similar issues from my dream every day.  I knew what the Lord was speaking to me.  Without hesitation, I withdrew from school.  I did not get all my funds returned for tuition, but the Lord had answered my prayer.  I felt as if he were speaking to me, “Maintain what you have as well as you can, even in a busy life.” 

If you are finding yourself anxious about a situation in your life, allow this fast to remind you to simply run the race well.  God will answer your prayer in a way that you can understand in His time. As you continue to fast, your prayers will grow in intensity and you will develop more faith.  

Remember, you didn’t pledge to fast so you could please a group of people in your church. Your fast is to God.  Be true to yourself.  You owe it to your integrity to keep your promise to God.  Don’t quit too soon, even in moments when your self perception is blurred and your self determination is weakened.

Written by: T.R. + Debbie Jackson

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