Throw Some Salt on It

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3 Day Fasting Challenge: Liquids Only

Devo: Throw Some Salt on It

Scripture: 2 Kings 2 19:-21

If you’re reading this devotion today, and you’ve made it this far in the fast, I’m sure you might be able to say it hasn’t been easy. It’s easy to think that when fasting life is going to be all rainbows and sunny skies, but usually for me when fasting it seems like a lot of crazy things happen! What have you been believing God for during these 21 days? Are you needing a miracle in your finances, health, family? Maybe you need to hear from God on a specific direction. In this passage in Kings the people of the town go to Elisha needing a miracle because the water in their land had become contaminated. Elisha tells them to bring him a new bowl and some salt, and proceeds to put salt into the water, and the water becomes clean. I want to challenge you today that whatever problem you may be facing, or whatever may feel “contaminated” in your life, to take it to God and let him sprinkle new salt on it for healing. Maybe you need to do a spiritual act and literally put salt on your wallet and declare financial miracles! Sure it may feel kind of crazy, but sometimes you’ve got to have that crazy faith! 

God today we come to you needing a miracle in our life. (your specific need) God we ask that these areas that feel contaminated that You sprinkle your fresh and new salt on. Make our homes clean again, Purify our marriages. Bless our finances to be overflowing. Allow our children to love you and grow closer to you. Bring our bodies into your perfect alignment and healing. We declare miracles in Your name. Amen. 

Written by: Morgan Kawakami

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