You don’t know the end of your story.

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Genesis 22:2, 7-12

Fasting is a spiritual discipline. That alone is cause for obedience, but as you dig into the Word, there’s always some greater purpose God’s orchestrating. What are you asking God for? How much does it mean to you? It’s one thing to say “I want to trust God”… or… “I want God to ____” fill in the blank, but how bad do you want it? 

Abraham wanted to obey God, but when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham had a choice to make. If he really wanted to obey God, it was going to cost him greatly. Isaac was God’s promised. He was the one who would carry the promise and his only rightful heir. In the end, God provided a sacrifice and Isaac lived to fulfill the promise, but Abraham didn’t know the end of the story. 

You don’t know the end of your story. You only know that God is faithful and good and the same God now as he was to Abraham. The question is, do you want what you’re asking God for more than a sweet treat? Every time you crave something sweet, pray for strength to resist and for what you’re believing God for. The devil knows you’re seeking God and it makes his skin crawl so expect to see a lot of sweets, commercials on sweets, sales on sweets, and probably some random gifts of sweets…but at the end of the day, it’s up to you. If you had to decide, that sweet treat or what you’re asking God to do…what will you choose?

God, give us the strength to resist. Remind us that you provide our every need + allow our hearts and requests to be thoroughly examined. 

Written by: Kinlee Pruitt

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